Sunday, 27 September 2009

Rhys gets Nice role - sneak preview of Howard Marks film

It's kind of match made in heaven stuff isn't it?

The world's most famous hash slinger and possible spy turned writer, bon viveur, raconteur, drugs reform campaigner, SFA album cover star and all round lovely crinkly faced wise old Welsh man, and our most famous actor, sometime rock singer, former SFA member, who has been known to enjoy a good time and, Welsh Icons is brave enough to speculate, may even have partaken of a recreational cigarette of his own at some point.

Movies being what they are now - desperate for money - the viral marketing for Mr Nice, the story of Howard Marks with Rhys Ifans in the Nice role, has started with an extended trailer on Youtube.

Directed by Bernard Rose who is best known for Candyman and Immortal Beloved, the film also stars David Thewlis - wielding an industrial strength Ulster accent - and Chloe Sevigny - wielding her lovely self.

It looks lovely to me and the soundtrack should be interesting and, hell, it's a damn fine story with a damn fine actor, so we'll see what two Welsh Icons on celuloid come up with. The closest to a release date we've been able to find is February next year.

Welsh Icons in no way condones anything, ever.


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