Monday, 28 September 2009

Street Pastors to ‘Patrol’ Newtown Town Centre

Thanks to the launch of an initiative in Newtown town centre, vulnerable people will be safer on the streets during the evenings at weekends.

Volunteer Street Pastors will patrol Newtown centre to ensure late-night revellers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs remain safe and not placed in a vulnerable position.

Street pastors are part of an inter-denominational group of adults drawn from local churches aiming to offer vulnerable people assistance before the need for police intervention, or an ambulance is required.

They will not become involved in violent disorders and have no powers. However, they have completed a year-long Home Office approved training programme and have the ability to engage and communicate with the public, recognise when it’s safe to interact and positively seek to ensure the safety of persons out late at the night.

Newtown Sergeant Jon Rees says: “Traditionally Police Officers have been the sole emergency service charged with initially dealing with vulnerable people. This initiative will help those in need and support the Police to enable us to use our resources more effectively and efficiently.

“Having worked alongside the Street Pastors in the last 18 months during their preparations to become accredited and licensed, I can assure you that they have undertaken a considerable amount of training. It’s hoped that the scheme will be rolled out in further areas across Powys, which is valuable, as the Street Pastors represent an opportunity for us to work alongside an independent organisation with the common aim of reducing anti-social behaviour and ensuring the safety of the public.”

Street Pastors – Fast facts:
  • Street Pastors will not attend incidents for Dyfed-Powys Police
  • Street Pastors wear a uniform – polo shirts, waist length jackets and baseball caps – all navy blue with STREET PASTOR on the back
  • They do not work for the Police and aim to maintain independence
  • Street Pastors conduct their own risk assessments in respect of their activities and Dyfed-Powys Police is not responsible for routinely ensuring their safety and well being while on patrol
  • Street pastors will register the fact they are on patrol to Police and a designated duty officer will be a point of contact with the Street Pastors
  • Street pastors will not preach or encourage religious affiliation.

For further information please visit or call your
Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101.


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