Monday, 21 September 2009

Are you safe for the winter? Free electric blanket testing for the over 60s

Cardiff Trading Standards are offering over 60s a chance to get their electric blanket tested for free.

As the winter sets in, many people will battle to keep warm. Rising fuel costs combined with the credit crunch mean many vulnerable people cannot afford the gas or electricity needed to heat their homes adequately this winter. However, the concern is that they will reach for their old electric blanket as a means of keeping warm and cutting costs as it costs as little as 1p per hour to run. However, many old and damaged electric blankets cause more than 5000 fires per year with most caused by blankets over 10 years old.

Cardiff Trading Standards are advising people to note the following safety tips and if in doubt to get their electric blankets checked or replaced:
  • if your blanket displays the old BEAB symbol – a round symbol;
  • the fabric is worn or frayed;
  • there are any scorch marks;
  • Tie tapes (where original fitted) are damaged or missing;
  • The flex or plug is worn or damaged;
  • Any connections are loose;
  • Or you are in doubt
Councillor Judith Woodman, Cardiff Council Executive Member for Communities, Housing and Social Justice said: “Home safety is of utmost importance and I urge all local residents over the age of 60 to take advantage of this free service. Many people rely on electric blankets for warmth and it is important to have your blanket checked by a qualified person to ensure it is still safe to use. “

Cardiff residents aged 60 and over can get their electric blankets tested for free at the following ‘Safe and Sound’ events:

Thursday, 1st October
Llanishen Leisure Centre
Electric Blanket Testing
9am – 4pm
(Please book an appointment)

Friday, 2nd October
Old Trelai Library
Electric Blanket Testing
9am – 4pm
(Please book an appointment)

Anyone wishing to take advantage of the free electric blanket testing should book an appointment in advance by telephoning 029 2087 2059 (during office hours).

Also on offer at these events are:
  • free advice on minor work in the home
  • free consumer advice
  • free home security advice


  1. Sounds great...this time around in some parts of America and Europe the cold is unbeatable ..think for the poor and the needy and help them while you can.

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