Saturday, 5 September 2009

Birthday gift at Gwynedd’s leisure centres

Gwynedd’s youngsters will be entitled to an extra 16th birthday gift thanks to a new leisure initiative run by Gwynedd Council.

Any Gwynedd resident turning 16 will be able to register at their local leisure centre to receive a year’s free membership - which will enable them to use the facilities at a discounted price as well as five tickets to use the Council’s fitness rooms free of charge.

At present, children and young people up to the age of 15 are entitled to free membership in the Council’s leisure centres. As part of this new initiative, Gwynedd’s young people who register at their local leisure centre will receive a birthday card on their 16th birthday along with free membership to the Council’s leisure centres for a year.

Councillor Roy Owen, who leads on Leisure for Gwynedd Council said:

“The fact that a number of our children and young people making the most of the free swimming schemes, as well as the whole host of activities available at the Council’s leisure centres is very encouraging.

“We hope that this new initiative which will mean that every young person will be entitled to a year of free membership when they become 16 will be a way of ensuring that more of Gwynedd’s young people continue to use the facilities available to them and develop their sporting and leisure interests.

“It is so important that we do what we can to support our young people to keep fit and exercise - indeed this new initiative will also entitle Gwynedd’s youngsters with five free fitness room sessions. If you’re celebrating your 16th birthday from summer 2009 onwards, fill in the application form at your local leisure centre and make sure that you receive a year’s free membership.”

Visit your local Gwynedd Council leisure centre for an application form, or for further information about your local leisure centre visit the Council website:


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