Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bryn Euryn - Jones slams quangocrats

Clwyd West MP, David Jones, blamed “quangocrats” for the attempt to fence off the popular nature reserve at Bryn Euryn, Rhos on Sea.

Speaking on Monday at the inaugural meeting of the Bryn Euryn Users’ Association at Colwyn Bay Cricket Club, attended by some 200 people, as well as councillors and council officials, the MP said:

“Bryn Euryn is tremendously popular with local people, who have a huge amount of enjoyment from using it as a free, safe and pleasant place to take exercise and walk their dogs.

“Almost inevitably, when people are enjoying something, there will be a quangocrat telling them that they shouldn’t be doing it, which appears to be the case here.

“The strength of feeling shown at this meeting should be enough to convince the Bryn Euryn committee that, whilst local people fully support the proper management of the reserve, they are strongly opposed to any moves that would result in any part of it being fenced off, or livestock put on it.

“I very much support the formation of the Users’ Association, which should help ensure that Bryn Euryn is preserved as an important facility for local people.”


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