Thursday, 3 September 2009

Burry Port’s Surf and Turf Competition

On Saturday afternoon 29 August 2009 the annual Surf and Turf challenge between Burry Port lifeboat crew and the yacht club took place at the marina and continued during the evening at the yacht club with Burry Port has Talent. The competition has been running for a number of years and was originally a contest between the Farmers’ Arms and the lifeboat crew, hence the name Surf and Turf, but when Robert Williams, when past landlord of the Farmers’ Arms became a committee member at the yacht club they took up the challenge. The afternoon’s events included: - Tug of War, nail hammering, a canoe relay and the greasy pole, most of which were won by the lifeboat. The crew went into the evening events with a narrow lead. The talent show saw each team perform three entertainment spots. This included choirs, comedy spots and the crew’s answer to Max Boyce which finally won the contest for the lifeboat. The lifeboat crew took the Surf and Turf honours and retained the trophy called The Scabby Oar. The day ended with a barbecue. All in all a good fund raiser for the RNLI. The next event will be the fishing competition on Boxing Day.

Photograph: Foul play by yacht club by RNLI/Julian Aston


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