Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Cabinet supports regeneration plans

Denbighshire's Cabinet has endorsed Leighton Andrews AM, Deputy Minister for Regeneration's Action Plan for the regeneration of the North Wales Coast Strategic Regeneration Area, including Rhyl and Colwyn Bay.

The Cabinet has pledged to fully co-operate with the Deputy Minister in taking forward the proposed Action Plan which will see significant resources devoted to coastal
Denbighshire over the next seven years.

Councillor David Thomas, Lead Member for Regeneration, said "This is a great opportunity for Rhyl and for Denbighshire. Already the Council is working on over £25 million of projects which are going through the approval process.

“The Action Plan proposed by the Minister will provide support for initiatives in housing, improving skills, creating jobs as well as tackling some of the public realm problems that Rhyl faces. As the programme rolls forward, I can see significant improvements being made enabling Rhyl to recover from some of the problems caused by the collapse in the mass tourist industry".

The Strategic Regeneration Area included the whole of Denbighshire's coast and the Cabinet is anxious to discuss with the Deputy Minister ways in which the whole of the area can properly benefit from his strategic initiative.

Councillor David Thomas added: "There is clear support for Rhyl being the primary area for the Strategic Regeneration Area's intervention, but I am pleased that already projects are being approved in towns like Prestatyn where there is a clear need to upgrade the tourism infrastructure.

“My hope is that as the Action Plan rolls forward, the whole area will secure a benefit from the Government's focus and that by 2016, we will see a real difference for all our communities".


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