Thursday, 24 September 2009

Call on Wrexham Lib Dems to withdraw 'misleading petition'

Wrexham's Labour Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths, has called on Wrexham Liberal Democrats to withdraw a 'misleading petition' which claims that the Welsh Assembly Government is to scrap bus passes for older people.

The AM made the call during a debate in the Assembly on the concessionary travel scheme - in which the Welsh Assembly Government reiterated its commitment to the scheme.

Commenting after the debate, Lesley Griffiths AM said:

"Liberal Democrats in Wrexham are circulating a totally erroneous petition around the town which seeks to mislead people, by claiming that the Welsh Assembly Government is about scrap bus passes. This is simply untrue and has been proven so in the debate in the Welsh Assembly today.

"Their petition is deliberately misleading as it makes totally untrue claims about cuts to the scheme. In a debate in the Assembly today, the leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats accepted publicly that the scheme was safe. There is and has never been any need for this petition that is being peddled locally.

"I therefore call on local Liberal Democrats to withdraw this petition immediately and apologise to the people of Wrexham for making such bogus claims."


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