Monday, 21 September 2009

Call out delays busy lifeboat crew's heli exercise

Last Friday, volunteers at the RNLI’s station at Burry Port launched to assist a broken down boat north of DZ5 Carmarthen Bay as they perpared for a helicopter exercise.

A small boat with two local people on board had engine problems and called Swansea Coastguar. When the ILB, crewed by Gary Morgan, Lee Howells and Neil Roberts, arrived at the scene the lifeboat mechanic was unable to solve the problem so the lifeboat took the casualty in tow back to Burry Port.

The helicopter was in the area on Sunday, and as the
Burry Port crew were being briefed they were called on to launch to assist a boat which had capsized one mile south of the lifeboat station.

On arrival at the scene the crew,
Justin Pugh, Lee Howells and Phillip Morgan, found the occupants of the casualty vessel were aboard a passing boat; wet and cold but otherwise alright.

The crew of the lifeboat towed the dory back to the beach.

The two local men had been out fishing all day and were between Whitford Light and Hooper Bank when the boat was swamped by a wave. Before they could pump the boat dry they struck again and capsized. They were in the water for 45 minutes before the alarm was raised. They were fortunate.

After the completing the call the exercise with Helicopter 169 from Chivenor went ahead - after the aircraft had returned from a callout of its own.

Thanks to
Hugh Owen, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer, for the story and photograph (C) Hugh Owen/RNLI


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