Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Oi Mush! Download my single.

Cardiff based singer songwriter Cosmo has launched his downloadable, singable, anti-everything poke in the eye of an agit-folk novelty single Oi Mush with a night of music and poetry at The Globe.

The lanky singer, originally from Walthamstow (E18, not E17 boyband fans) hosted the night at the Roath venue as part of his push to hit the charts - an audacious experiment in the new realities of the music business.

With an internet savvy label,
Cardiff's Tantrum, and a Youtube video whose budget was probably measured in beer, the infernally catchy tune is being released to fight for its right to charty in the viral world of social media and word of mouth 2.0.

How will he do? Welsh Icons has the tune stuck in its head if that's any measure (but we've got all sorts of things stuck in our heads), and his launch show was an eclectic and accomplished affair.

Lou Nobel brought some sultry class to jazzy, red-eyed songs like To The Core and Mad Monkey Day, the hard won wisdom of the lyrics rising nicely on low key guitars.

Mark Williams - also an accomplished artist, of which, more soon - won laughter for his straight-talking, earthy poetry, all in Valleys' vernacular Butt. Leila D, backed by stand-up bass and acoustic guitar showed the considerable power of her bluesy voice before Cosmo came along to swear at everyone and push for the toppermost of the poppermost.

Here's and some download links and the video again - warning, this product may contain swearing . Enjoy Mush!
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