Thursday, 24 September 2009

Cheese festival comes to Cardiff

Anyone who's ever spent any time in my company will know that I believe the world's greatest newspaper headline was in the Gloucester Citizen, which announced a particularly bloody cheese rolling by finding the largest point size it could and announcing the outbreak of CHEESE CHAOS!

I trust South Wales' local media, and indeed Welsh Icons News, will not have recourse to such hyperbole following this weekend's Great British Cheese festival at Cardiff Castle, within easy travelling distance of top Welsh cheese town Caerphilly!

This is the second year the UK's biggest cheese event has come to Cardiff, and hopefully, the current Indian Summer will last a couple of days longer for all those cheese lovers.

The Welsh Assembly Government supports the festival in the grounds of the 2,000 year-old Cardiff Castle.

The weekend features some 21 master classes and demonstrations looking at a range of topics such as the diversity of British cheese, matching cheese with wines, beers, ciders and perry, and what it takes to make an award-winning cheese.

There will be a master class on blue cheese led by Steve Peace of the True Taste Award-winning Carmarthenshire Cheese Company which at last year’s British Cheese Awards scooped the Best Welsh Cheese title and the Dougal Campbell trophy. While cheese expert David Edwards will be demonstrating the delights of Welsh mould ripened cheese.

New for this year is the chance for visitors to enter the Hall of Champions and create their own champion cheeseboard. There will be a variety of activities including cheesy fun and games, such as Cheese Skittles and Cheese Tossing (hopefully no chaos here) on the castle green, with challengers out to beat the current record of 64’ 4”.

Visit the Wales the True Taste website for more information.


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