Friday, 18 September 2009

Cool retro sounds in famous Cardiff boxing pub

THE Royal Oak in Cardiff has a long history as a music venue to add to its well-known connections to the city's boxing heroes, including the legendary, and indeed, Peerless Jim Driscoll.

Now, that history is being revived with a Friday night of extraordinary musical eclecticism.

Your host, Cass has been a well known face on the
Cardiff scene since the 1960s and has a record collection that would run the length of Bute Street.

Now he's sharing it with the public again from 8pm until they pry the stylus out of his cold dead hands at closing time.

There's no irony or pose about this retro evening - featuring the best dub, reggae, blues, jazz, funk, early hip hop, rock 'n' roll, psychedelia and pretty much anything else you can imagine - it's simply a man who's loved music all his life sharing that love with a laid back Friday evening session.

Professionally sound-engineered to get the best out of the music, these nights could be the start of something exciting at The Oak, so try and give them your support.

It's all free in the back bar at
Royal Oak, which is under new ownership, from around 8pm on Friday nights - tell 'em we sent you.


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