Thursday, 10 September 2009

Denbighshire has Mersey with Beatle tiles

The fab four feature in a mosaic to celebrate the links between Denbigshire and Liverpool which will be unveiled next Tuesday, September 15.

Members of Rhyl Youth Forum worked with mosaic artist, Tricia Jones, to create the piece as part of a Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008 project.

Denbighshire Heritage Services won a Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £24,000 to work with young people across the county to produce a trail of 12 mosaics on the subject.

Alongside The Beatles are; the Resurgam submarine, H M Stanley, tales of the Vale of Clwyd evacuees. Youngsters visited Liverpool to hear tales of the city's strong Welsh community.

The completed trail runs from
Rhyl to Llangollen, with the starting mosaic on the docks in Liverpool, from where the Mimosa carried Welsh emigrants to Patagonia. This piece has been created by children from the ‘Welsh’ streets in Liverpool.

Image: The Pier, Rhyl. Photocrom print circa 1890 - 1900. Library of Congress, Detroit Publishing Co collection.


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