Friday, 25 September 2009

Fears of uncertain future under Glastir raised with Minister by AM

The Welsh Rural Affairs Minister must spell out the details of the Glastir programme as soon as possible, says local AM Paul Davies.

Mr Davies has written to Elin Jones to pass on the concerns of farming groups that not enough is known about the new land management scheme that’s due to come into operation from 2012.

The £89 million a year Glastir programme will replace the existing Tir Gofal, Tir Cynnal, Tir Mynydd, the Organic Farming Scheme and Better Woodlands for Wales schemes.

“This is a huge shake up and, unsurprisingly, farmers are concerned about what changes it will bring,” said Mr Davies.

“It may sound like it’s all a long way off yet but when you farm you have to make decisions years in advance and the industry needs to know more detail about the scheme.

“This uncertainty is causing concern so I have written to Ms Jones asking her for some details.

“Farmers’ unions and groups need to be involved in the discussions about the development of this new scheme and I want reassurance that everyone is being kept in the loop. Good communication between the industry and the ministry is vital. ”


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