Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Globe: Not Closed

As our regular readers will know, The Globe, in Roath is one of our favorite music venues.

News has reached us that the venue may have its licence revoked following complaints about noise levels.

Some of the Welsh media have already reported the demise of the much loved venue which in the past year has become a firm favorite with Cardiff's live music fans

We have just been informed that the venue is still open for business and will be open tonight as usual.

In fact, they have told us:

"Despite what you may have heard or read, we are still open for business and we are still hosting live music.

"Yes, there have been noise complaints, Yes, Cardiff City Council are threatening to revoke our live music license, but this is not an immediate action and it certainly is not the final decision.

"For months we have been soundproofing the venue in order to live peacefully with our neighbours and we still trying to do this, all that has changed is that we now have a date to complete it by.

"So, for the forseeable future, we are open and trading as normal, if anyone tells you differently, correct them. "

Photograph: Cosmo, playing the Globe (quietly) last Tuesday


  1. Shame, anyone interested in a 'Save the Globe' campaign?

  2. Definatley, SAVE THE GLOBE! Get Al Gore involved. He's always on about saving the globe. Always the same with good venues. They always seem to be shut down by Victor Meldrews lot.


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