Monday, 7 September 2009

Go Green To School

As the school term gets underway, there is a rush to go out and buy lots of new equipment, from books and stationery to school bags and uniform.

As part of a Waste Awareness Wales (WAW) campaign, Pembrokeshire County Council is asking parents across the county to do their bit for the environment and send their children to school a little bit greener.

School uniforms that no longer fit can be handed down to younger siblings, passed on to a charity shop or taken to a clothes recycling bank at your local supermarket - some schools may even offer a uniform recycling scheme. Old school bags that are still in a good condition can also be donated to charity.

Good recycling habits needn’t end there - you can kit your child out with recycled stationery, such as pens, pencils and rulers made from old computer printers or recycled plastic vending cups. You can also buy pencil cases and mouse mats made from recycled tyres and new text books and writing pads made from 100% recycled paper. You can even send your child back to school in a fleece jacket made from recycled plastic drinks bottles.

Pemborkeshire County Council’s Waste Awareness Officer, Rebecca Whalley said there were many ways in which parents could help the environment.

"By packing your child a ‘waste-free’ lunch each day, you can cut down on excess packaging. If you avoid individually wrapped snacks and opt for reusable lunch boxes and drinks containers, instead of using pre-packed sandwiches, reams of cling film and sandwich bags, you can make a huge and positive difference to our environment.

"Parents can also send their children back to school with a range of environmentally-friendly stationary items, such as clipboards and mouse mats made from computer circuit boards and pens made from recycled computer printers."

To learn more about how you can help future generations by reducing, reusing and recycling your waste please call the ‘recycle for Wales/ailgylchu dros Gymru’ recycling hotline on 0845 330 5540 or visit the website at :


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