Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Gwynedd businesses get top marks in test

Not one of the 19 Gwynedd retailers approached during a recent test purchasing exercise sold tobacco, butane and knives to a 15 year old volunteer.

Gwynedd Council’s Trading Standards team has been working closely with local businesses to reduce the incidents of illegal sales of age restricted goods such as alcohol, tobacco, knifes, butane lighter refills, aerosol paints and age restricted DVDs, videos and games. To address the problem that sales staff have in determining the exact age of young customers, retailers are being encouraged to introduce a ‘Think 21’ policy.

Gwynedd Council’s Portfolio Leader for Public Protection, Councillor John R Jones said:

”These results are excellent and show what can be done when everyone is determined to prevent illegal sales being made. I congratulate those involved in this test purchasing exercise and urge all retailers who sell age restricted goods to follow their good example.”

Any retailers who would like advice on preventing illegal sales of age restricted products and the “Think 21” policy should contact Gwynedd Council Trading Standards on 01286 682728 or e-mail: safmas@gwynedd.gov.uk


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