Friday, 11 September 2009

Horton & Port Eynon RNLI lifeboat responds to 3 calls for help

Horton & Port Eynon RNLI inshore lifeboat was called out by Swansea Coastguard to aid a diving boat whose engine would not start and whose divers were in the water with the boat drifting rapidly away from them.

Thankfully a nearby boat picked up the two divers and they were later transferred to the lifeboat and brought ashore to Oxwich beach safe and well. The dive boat was taken in tow back to the beach to be greeted by Oxwich Coastguard.

As the lifeboat departed en route for the station on rounding Oxwich point the lifeboat crew spotted two kayakers, one of which was waving his arms requiring help. The lifeboat quickly got alongside the kayak as the occupant was near to total exhaustion, paddling against an ebbing tide, he was quickly brought into the lifeboat and medically assessed, both kayaks were then taken in tow back to Oxwich beach.

Very shortly after returning to station a further call was received of a boat in trouble in Port Eynon Bay, however before the lifeboat could launch, it transpired that another boat near by had taken the vessel in tow into Port Eynon. The lifeboat was therefore stood down.

The inshore Lifeboat returned to station and prepared for the next call.

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea, and needs your support to train and equip our volunteer crews and lifeguards. In 2008 RNLI lifeboats launched 8,293 times rescuing 7,612 people an average of 21 a day During the summer RNLI lifeguards attended 9,536 incidents and aided 11,027 people.


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