Thursday, 24 September 2009

Knoyle keen to get going

Tavis Knoyle is named in the starting 22 for this Saturday's derby game between the Scarlets and the Cardiff Blues at the Cardiff City stadium.

Scarlets Head Coach, Nigel Davies, who has previously worked with players like Dwayne Peel and Mike Phillips through the youth system has described Knoyle as "a very bright young talent" - saying the young scrum half has excited him as much as Peel and Phillips aged 18.

"Having worked with players like Dwayne Peel and Mike Phillips as they came through the youth system, Tavis has excited me as much as those players when they were 18, and shows the signs of an exceptional ability.

"He's got a fresh approach, has given the place a real buzz since he joined us and it will be an exciting prospect for him to have the opportunity to play his first regional game with the Scarlets this weekend."

Knoyle, eager to step out for his first game with the region, has said he can't wait to get going. "This is a great opportunity for me and I've been really impressed and excited about being part of the Scarlets since I joined in May.

"The set-up has proved it has got a lot of time for youngsters, they want to develop us I've been learning a lot from the coaches and the players around me.

"I am very excited about my future with the Scarlets. I grew up watching them and have seen what incredible teams and players they have produced over the years. And now I'm putting on the jersey, its brilliant - I've come here for the rugby and getting the opportunity to play regularly."

On winning over the Scarlets' supporters Knoyle said: "They are such loyal supporters, they leave and breathe rugby and I will just always try my best - if you try hard people will respect you and that's what I am going to do. I just want to get started."


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