Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Make sure you have the right to vote in looming election

Swansea residents are being urged to make sure that they have a right to vote whenever the next election is called.

More that 106,000 forms have been delivered to homes across the City and County as part of a drive to ensure Swansea's electoral register is up to date and everyone eligible has the right to vote in elections.

There is a general election looming which will give people the chance to vote for their MPs and future Prime Minister. It has to be legally called by June 6 next year at the latest.

So it is more important than ever that people make sure they and their eligible household members are on the register and their details are correct or people will lose the chance to have their say.

Every September Swansea Council's election team sends a form to every household in the city to check that the details held on the Electoral Register are correct.

The register is a list of the people who are registered to vote in the city and County of Swansea.

To be able to vote in local and national elections you have to be on the register and it is a legal requirement that residents respond to this form.

All adults eligible to vote in each household should be registered on the form. Any 16 and 17-year-olds should also be included even though they will only be able to vote if they turn 18 by polling day.

It is really easy to do as most people's information will already be pre-printed correctly on the form.

Changes to details listed on the forms should be completed as soon as possible and returned in the prepaid envelope provided. The new register comes into force on December 1.

Alternatively, households whose details are unchanged from last year can simply use a free automated phone service or register online.

By calling 0800 1072015 and keying in the special two part security code printed on the registration form, the responsible adult in the household can confirm existing details in minutes.

Similarly you can confirm your details by going to and following the simple instructions.

Both services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Anyone needing further information about elections or the electoral register can call Swansea's Electoral Services on 01792 636042 or go to the Council's website on

If you have not received a form by the middle of September then please contact the elections office on Swansea 636681 or 636719.

You can also use these numbers if you have any queries relating to the electoral registration form.


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