Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More time for Pembrokeshire disability survey

Pembrokeshire County Council has extended the deadline for its 2009 Disability Equality Scheme questionnaire.

The questionnaire on priorities for disabled people and access to Council services was distributed to local groups and individuals last month.

The Council is seeking the views of disabled people to aid the development of the scheme.

It has already received responses from around 100 people but is keen to ensure that as many as possible have a chance to contribute.

As a result the deadline for a response has now been extended by two weeks to Friday October 9th.

If you are a disabled person, someone with a long-term health condition, a friend or relative of a disabled person or someone who works with, or has an interested in disabled people the Council would like to hear from you.

The questionnaire is available as a hard copy and online, in the consultation section of

Please complete the questionnaire either online or contact Pembrokeshire County Council on 01437 764551 for a hard copy.


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