Sunday, 20 September 2009

Oi Mush reaches No. 44 (sort of...)

A happy by slightly disappointed Cosmo has just told us:

Well, it seems Amazon has come up with the most surprises!!! It puts Oi Mush at no. 44 in its download charts!!

"This is on top of it the Amazon reggae charts yesterday by mistake (I share a first name with Cosmo Fraser) and outselling Neil Young (for about 2 hours yesterday!!).

"However, the song hasn't entered the Official UK Top 40.....

" that the point? This has been the biggest laugh getting together - from making the video, to the amazing support I've had from people on their blogs, profiles etc, to all of y'awl who downloaded the song. The gigs on the Oi Mush tour have been fantastic and the smiles on people's faces that the various parts of the mission have brought have been worth a whole lot more than chart placings.

"I think this has sent out a bit of a wave, and I'd like to build on it....Perhaps we could knock an mp3 of F@ck The BNP into the mix early next year, given that we are facing a resurgent Far


"Or in the age of being able to download music for nothing, are paying for downloads and chart placings all just a waste of time?

"I'd be very interested to hear your opinions....

"In the meantime, thank you all who've supported this in whatever way, I really appreciate it. This has been a great end to a wicked summer, and I hope we can move this forward. Till next time!

"PS..I won't find out about actual sales from my distributor Tunecore for about two months. However, I should get some sales info tomorrow, and will keep you posted.
Word up!"


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