Saturday, 12 September 2009

Oi Mush week. WARNING: Strong Language

WARNING: Some of the material in this article contains strong language.

Do not open if easily offended.

Tomorrow sees the start of Oi Mush week, a seven day campaign to get the song 'Oi Mush' by Cardiff based Cosmo into the Top 40.

You can view the video here:

Welsh Icons will be interviewing Cosmo very soon. In the meantime:

Ok, so now you've seen the video, now download the song

Here's how:

The song is available as a digital download as pay to download sites, (yeah we know you can download it for free elsewhere, but it won't get to the Top 40 then, will it?). on one of the links below anytime during Oi Mush Week (13th - 20th September 2009), enter your details and purchase the song. For the princely sum of 79p!!

Then tell all you're friends to do the same.

SORTED! TOP 40 here they come!!!

Thanks for your help with this one, folks. Whatever happens with this, it should be a whole lotta fun!

Buy the song from here: (you may need to download the application as well):

1. Amazon

2. Itunes

3. eMusic

4. Shockhound

5. Napster

1 comment:

  1. I very much enjoyed the ditty but was shocked to see the Cardiff perveyors of smut Sicknote prancing around in the video.

    Especially the homosexulaist Doctor Conker.


    Norman Tupwitt


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