Thursday, 17 September 2009

Painter, Poet, Welshman

We were fortunate on Tuesday evening to meet up with the Welsh painter and poet, Mark Williams.

Mark Williams is one of the most talented Welsh artists to emerge in recent years, a painter who exhibits considerable insight and flair in his images depicting both the industrial and rural landscapes of his native South Wales.

Mark employs his ability as a technical draughtsman in work that adopts the precision of highly detailed drawings. He also applies his great imaginative and narrative skills to a range of formats that include illustration and cartoons. His paintings describe compelling "visual stories" that reveal a perceptive humour and sense of irony in recounting both the history and myths of the region and the everyday prosaic lives of its current citizens.

Mark told us:
"My own geographical location is South-East Wales, the ancient Kingdom of Gwent - or the former county of Monmouthshire if you prefer. It's a place that inspires me as an artist and in painting pictures 'about' it, I endeavour to present a mirror on the world"

Mark is currently considering a themed exhibition based on the landscape associated with the Welsh mystic writer Arthur Machen, set in the very heart of his native Gwent

You can view some of Mark's work at

1 comment:

  1. Tidy. He do look a prat, mind, but he's alright really.

    Worth checking out his paintings and his performance poetry.

    Phil Williams (his ex-patriate twin brother living in England)


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