Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Pontfaen to get disperal order

The Safer Newport Partnership is set to introduce a new dispersal order in the Pontfaen area of Lliswerry to reduce levels of antisocial behaviour.

Newport decided to take action after receiving complaints from residents about youngsters gathering in a number of streets. Since August 2008 police received 140 calls from residents reporting antisocial behaviour, criminal damage and underage drinking. After gathering information and evidence, Newport East Neighbourhood Policing Team and Newport City Council authorised the implementation of a dispersal order.

Dispersal orders give police officers and PCSOs the power to direct any groups of two or more people, or vehicles, to leave a specified area.

The order in Pontfaen will run from October 18th 2009 until April 18th 2010. It will cover Pontfaen Shopping Centre, Pontfaen Road, Fallowfield Drive, Hillview Crescent, Mulcaster Avenue, Eastmoor Road, Westmoor Close, Fosse Close, and Fosse Road.

Anyone who refuses to leave, or returns to the area within 24 hours, when ordered to do so can be arrested under the Anti-social Behaviour Act 2003. The only exclusions to the order will be any prearranged public events that may be held in the area.

Neighbourhood officer PC Leanne Pole said:
“We applied for this dispersal order after listening to the concerns of the public. Residents who attended PACT meetings in recent months voted to make antisocial behaviour a policing priority. The introduction of the order will give us the power to break-up groups of people hanging around on the streets and causing trouble.”


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