Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Scam Busters the latest initiative in county’s Trading Standards campaign

Rogue traders are being warned that Denbighshire County Council is getting tough on those who carry out activities contrary to trading standards legislation.

At its meeting today, Denbighshire's Cabinet approved plans for the Council to enter into an agreement with Conwy and Newport Councils to operate the 'Scam Busters' team in the county.

Following a successful pilot project in three regions of England, the Department for Business Innovation and Skills invited bids for funding of regional Scam Busters teams. They would have two main functions: to tackle rogue traders who commit contraventions of Trading Standards legislation across county boundaries and to provide support to Trading Standards where large scale enforcement is required.

It is expected that the scam busters team will deal mainly with traders who carry out bogus property repairs, suppliers of counterfeit goods who operate from various markets and car boot sales, bogus trade directories and the distribution of unsafe goods.

Councillor Sharon Frobisher, Cabinet Lead Member for Communities, said: "We have a duty of care to consumers in Denbighshire to make sure that the goods or services they buy are safe and legal. A small minority of individuals continue to act unlawfully by selling counterfeit or sub-standard goods.

“Trading Standards in Denbighshire simply will not tolerate this kind of behaviour and the decision to implement the Scam Busters initiative sends out a clear message that the council means business and will not hesitate in taking enforcement action against those individuals or companies who insist on breaking the law."


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