Friday, 25 September 2009

Spick and Span at Stackpole

Pupils at a south Pembrokeshire primary school have been tidying up their village this week.

Youngsters at Stackpole School took part in a litter pick around their school grounds and in the village on Wednesday as part of Tidy Wales Week.

Infant pupils tackled the school grounds, while juniors went around the village in groups.

"The infants were delighted to find only a tiny amount of litter within the school grounds itself as they are very proud of their school and work hard to look after it," said Headteacher, Jane Rees.

"On first impressions the village also looked reasonably clean, but the juniors were surprised to see how much rubbish had blown into hedges and under bushes."

She added that local residents were pleased at the youngsters' community spirit.

Photograph: Some of Stackpole's young litter pickers


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