Thursday, 10 September 2009

Spiritual values help boost business

Businesses in Wales are being urged to ‘get in touch’ with what really matters to create the best possible environment in which their workforce can thrive, even in uncertain times.

And by establishing a sense of belonging in the communities in which they operate, ethical organisations find that benefits range from the well-being of their staff to a healthier ‘bottom line.’

Now Telos (spirituality in organisations) group - a partnership of the Church in Wales and leading Public Relations consultancy Good Relations - is set to launch a programme of high-level seminars designed to challenge traditional business thinking and practice. With speakers from the public, private and voluntary sectors, audiences will be invited to look at their work – including work-life balance – from a different perspective.

The 2009/10 series will be opened by Barbara Wilding, outgoing Chief Constable of South Wales Police (on Friday 18 September).

Robin Morrison, Bishops’ Adviser on Church and Society, said the last thing Telos is set to do is to be a religious talking shop. Rather it is intended to promote a new view of leadership, management and organisational behaviour and contributes to a growing international interest in spirituality, in its broadest terms. It aims to explore how together we can work toward ‘better work; better society; better government; and better world.’

“Our speakers and participants certainly don’t have to belong to a particular faith, or indeed any faith at all. What we try to foster is a willingness to have an open mind and to act with integrity, tolerance and understanding, in all situations, and to go the extra mile. Evidence clearly demonstrates that people benefit from being part of enlightened organisations, where their talents are fostered and they are appreciated.”

For Helen Birtwhistle, Managing Director of Good Relations Wales, Telos offers an opportunity to think and act ‘outside the box.’ “I believe strongly that those of us who are fortunate to be in stimulating jobs which we enjoy have a responsibility to look closely at how and why we do business and its impact on the people around us. In its simplest form, it’s about treating others – colleagues, clients, customers – as we want to be treated. It’s also about recognising that we can’t live our life in compartments – home, family, work, church, social life or whatever – but have to find ways to accommodate everything under one set of strong ethical principles and values.”

To book a free place for the opening session by Chief Constable Barbara Wilding, South Wales Police on 18 September, please contact Lisa Martin, telephone 029 2034 8252;

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