Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The stolen playground

We recently asked you to let us know what is happening in you area.

This is what Cllr Emlyn Thomas of Conwy County Borough Council had to tell us:

"In May 2009 the Environment Agency (Wales) EA(W) contractors started work on the new flood defences for Trefriw. The first thing their earth moving monsters did was to destroy the children’s playground and park. This was to make way for a 14 foot high embankment through the swing park. Bequeathed to the village by a benefactor, Henry Higgins, in 1930, the park was a much used and loved facility.

The Trustees complained and demanded, there were meetings with the public, but EA(W) ploughed on, and destroyed the football field too.

“We’ll replace the playground and football field with even better facilities,” they said at a public meeting and the village believed them.

Who wouldn’t believe a responsible public body?

In July it became clear that only £38,000 plus VAT would be available to replace all the play equipment and provide new items. The Trustees had already discovered that just to replace the old equipment would cost more than that! Almost twice as much in fact.

The Trustees and the villagers have met with the EA(W) frequently since March, but there seems to be no way that the children of Trefriw will have a playground to match the much loved Henry Higgins Park when all the work is finished. And certainly not the better playground promised by EA(W)."

Photograph: A playground, shown for illustration only


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