Friday, 25 September 2009

Tredegar Park Police Officers get new bikes

Neighbourhood police officers have been gifted two new bicycles to help them patrol the Tredegar Park area more effectively.

The Tredegar Park Ward policing team, based at Duffryn Police Station, previously had to share one bicycle between them.

Pc Darren Morgan and PCSO Rod Caddy approached local councillor Mike Brunnock for funding and they were given £500 to spend through the Duffryn Community Link.

PCSO Rod Caddy said: “Bicycles allow us to better police the ward as we can cover large areas more quickly than on foot.
“We can also get to incidents and pursue criminals much quicker on two wheels.
“I’d like to thank Councillor Brunnock and Duffryn Community Link for buying these new bicycles for us. I’d also like to thank Halfords in Newport for giving us a discount on the bikes, which made it possible for us to fund bike lights and repair warranties.”


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