Monday, 7 September 2009

The world's greatest sheep quiz from the world's greatest poo paper people

I now know that my knowledge of sheep is pretty good thanks to the wonderful sheep knowledge testing machine at Creative Paper Wales, the entirely wonderful makers of Sheep Poo Paper.

I'm not sure I really want to know about the eureka moment for Sheep Poo Paper but now it's a wonderful product - produced in the beautiful mountains of Snowdonia, natural, high quality and proudly Welsh - I want to sing its name from the mountain tops.

Creative Paper Wales have come up with a fantastic use for a common or mountain-side waste product. If you've got your own sheep poo, or indeed almost anything you want to recycle, they'll turn it into paper for you. Everything they produce is recycled and they wear their environmental credentials as proudly as they flaunt their fondness for puns.

The range of products which come from their works near the Centre for Alternative Technology is extensive: greetings cards, writing sets, art prints, air fresheners made from poo, t-shirts with Sheepy their wonderfully dopey looking mascot, and paper you can plant and watch bloom after use (yes, paper you can plant and watch bloom after use). They'll even - once they've tweaked a few green things - sell you a kit to make your own paper.

You can follow the progress of their attempt to make a sheep poo canoe via their website and order enough sheep poo products to keep you going for years.

I've boldly called their sheep quiz the world's greatest, but have to admit that it's the first sheep quiz I've ever attempted - news of others is greatly appreciated.

Wales now has that most dangerous of things, a clever sheep!


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