Thursday, 27 August 2009

Gettin’ picky with it

The young people of Maesglas took part in an organised litter pick yesterday, run by Newport City Council’s Youth Service and Maesglas Community Network.

Jamie Witt, the Communities First Youth Development Worker for Maesglas said:

“It’s great to get young people involved in projects to help clean up the area, because it helps to encourage community ownership and pride. I believe running small environmental projects are important to get residents thinking about their surroundings.”

It was clear to see that the young people were enjoying themselves as they headed down the streets singing songs, and encouraging each other to pick up pieces of litter that had been overlooked.

Jamie is working hard to get young people involved in projects to keep them entertained during the summer holidays. Environmental issues are a big concern for the young people of Maesglas and litter picking is just one of the many activities that have been organised.

The event was a success with 16 bags of rubbish being collected, and in order to thank the young people who took part there is going to be a barbeque at the end of the week.

If you thinking of organising a community litter pick and would like assistance please contact 01633 656656 or


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