Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Code for disabled youngsters

Conwy and Denbighshire County Councils have put together a code of practice that sets out how they will work with youngsters with disabilities between the ages of 14 and 25 who need help as they move in to adult life.

Becoming a grown up can be a trying time for anyone, but can be especially challenging for youngsters with disabilities. The Councils have been working together to put principles and best practice in place and learn from each other about things they can do and ways they can help. The Social Services Departments, Education Departments, the NHS Trust and Careers Wales have all been involved in looking at what should be included.

The councils work with youngsters to help them think about what they want out of life as they become adults and then help them to plan how they will achieve their life goals. Both authorities work closely with partner organisations to make sure that everybody knows what the plan is and that all organisations are working in a co-ordinated way to help the young person.

More information about the code of practice, called the Transition Protocol, will be available at a launch event on 25 September at 10am, at Kinmel Manor Hotel in Abergele where the key note speaker will be Sally Rees of Care Co-ordination Network UK. Sally works with the Welsh Assembly Government on developing best practice in supporting young people with disabilities in the transition to adult life across Wales.

Anyone interested in attending the launch, should contact Julie Pickman, Transition Officer for Denbighshire on 01824 712750 or e-mail Julie.Pickman@denbighshire.gov.uk


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