Tuesday, 22 September 2009

MP worried by possible digi switch mixup

Clwyd West MP, David Jones, says North Wales viewers are not being provided with adequate information about the choices available to them over the forthcoming digital switchover.

He said: "Many residents of North Wales have traditionally preferred to receive ITV Granada and BBC Northwest broadcasts from the Winter Hill transmitter, located near Bolton. However, the information currently distributed in North Wales by Digital UK does not make it sufficiently clear that Winter Hill has a later switchover date of 4th November; many viewers are under the impression that when the switchover occurs, they will be obliged to tune their sets to the Llanddona transmitter.

"It should be a matter of choice for viewers whether they prefer to watch ITV and BBC Wales programmes or tune into the broadcasts transmitted from Winter Hill.

"For viewers who wish to receive programmes from the Llanddona transmitter, the switchover date will be the October 21. For those who wish to continue to receive transmissions from the Winter Hill transmitter, the relevant date is November 4.

"I would all viewers who may have concerns about the digital switchover to call 0800 4085900 or 0845 505050 for advice and support."


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