Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Council’s clean, green, environmental commitment

Denbighshire County Council is set to become a more greener, cleaner, environmentally-friendly organisation after a blueprint on reducing carbon emissions was approved by the Council.

The council, as part of its on-going programme, has now agreed to reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 33% by 2020, an annual reduction of 3%. The council will undertake a series of projects which will increase efficiency of the things it uses and the things it does, as well as increasing the use of renewable energy and considering the environment in every activity the council undertakes.

Councillor Paul Marfleet, Cabinet Lead Member for Modernisation and Improvement, said: “Projections on UK climate change suggest that by 2020 Wales’ summer mean temperature will have increased, sea level is projected to have risen by 6 cm and severe windstorms will be more frequent.

“The increased frequency of storm weather and rain could cause increased flooding for communities living in these areas. In addition, Denbighshire has an increasing number of older people and the numbers who are particularly vulnerable to increased temperatures in the summer months.

“Climate change is also an economic issue. Energy efficiency offers real value for money, not only reducing our carbon emissions footprint but also our monthly fuel bills.

“As an authority we have a key leadership role to play at local level, leading by example through reducing our ‘in-house’ greenhouse gas emissions. Today’s agreement to the scheme to reduce carbon emissions sends out a clear message of our commitment to be a cleaner, greener council with the environment at the heart of everything we do.”


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