Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Website will help cut your carbon footprint

A website is being launched to help encourage businesses and other organisations to use renewable energy sources and cut their carbon footprints.

Swansea Council has joined forces with The Carbon Trust to put together.

The website has now gone live and provides information on renewable energy sources and low carbon technologies. It also gives examples of places in Swansea where such technologies can be seen in action.

Funding for the website comes from The Carbon Trust and its launch has been timed to coincide with World Carfree Day that aims to promote a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Renewable energy comes from replenishable natural resources that occur in the environment. Renewable energy can be taken from the movement of the wind, oceans and water, from heat and light energy from the sun as well as from energy stored within biomass material such as wood and waste organic matter.

Low carbon energy is produced through the use of technology or equipment that allows for the smarter and more efficient daily use of energy. Common examples are changing to low energy lighting and installing condensing gas boilers.

Examples of good practice in the Swansea area include the use of solar panels at St Thomas Primary School to generate electricity and the lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning energy saving measures introduced at the Tesco store in Llansamlet.

Cllr Gareth Sullivan, Swansea Council's Cabinet Member for Economic and Strategic Development, said: "This website will be a valuable tool for businesses or other organisations that would like to find out how they can cut their carbon footprint and best use renewable energy sources.

"The impact of converting to such methods is not only good for the environment but it also means energy will be saved and participating businesses will ultimately save money.

"We're all becoming aware of the importance of leading more sustainable lives and taking better care of our planet's natural resources.

"It's vital that the profile and benefits of sustainable development are continuously raised and we hope the availability of this website will give businesses the help and encouragement they need to become greener and cut their bills at the same time."


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