Monday, 17 August 2009

21 Arrested in Newport Burglary Operation

A POLICE operation launched to reduce a spate of burglaries in Newport has begun very successfully say the local force.

Burglaries in Newport are down 9% since 2007, but a spike in break-ins last month, particularly in the east of the city, prompted police to take action.

A dedicated team of detectives launched Operation Conifer three weeks ago and have arrested 21 males aged between 13 and 20 from the Newport area for burglary.

Fourteen have been charged with specific burglaries where jewellery, laptops and other electrical items were stolen.

Crime figures show that the recent arrests, combined with targeted patrols, have significantly reduced the numbers of burglaries happening in the city.

Since Operation Conifer was launched at the end of July, the weekly number of burglaries has fallen 41% from 46 to 27 last week.

The number of burglaries and attempted burglaries recorded in Newport during the last three weeks were:

July 22 to 28 - 46
July 29 to August 4 - 37
August 5 to 11 - 27

Officers now hope figures will fall further with perpetrators arrested, behind bars, or in the courts system.

Detective Inspector Chris Watts, who leads the operation, said: “The latest figures from Operation Conifer show we have reacted quickly to reduce a temporary surge in burglaries.

"The operation has proved to be very successful and I want to reassure the residents of Newport that we will stop these criminals from offending.

"The team that has been set up is working very hard to find additional witnesses to burglaries and to use forensic evidence to bring charges against suspected culprits.

"I’m confident that those responsible for the majority of burglaries in Newport over the last few weeks have been stopped.”

Residents are reminded to keep their homes secure at all times and report anything suspicious, no matter how small, to Gwent Police.

Operation Conifer continues and anyone with information should call Gwent Police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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