Thursday, 27 August 2009

Big Bro'

YOU may be celebrating this morning that one of the most pernicious influences on our society will finally be banished; you may be mourning that one of the greatest social experiments in open access television is about to cease. You might just have noted that a television channel has announced the end of a series.

Welsh Icons (still stuck resolutely in silly season, despite the continued serious season weather) has decided to find the best Welsh Big Brother stuff for you. It's not an exhaustive search so, friends, be prepared for a shower of the predictable - however, do note that Welsh was the only language ever banned in the Big Brother house, and make of that what you will.

This is my favourite, and features Glyn from Big Brother 7, who was a cracking lad. Oh yes.

This is comedian and writer Eirlys Bellin, going undercover at the 2007 BB auditions as Rhian Davies. This is surely the sort of stuff Youtube was invented for, nice one Eirlys. (Warning, contains swears).

It's Glyn again, with a woman who has subsequently become an author - yes, an author - as BB speaks Welsh, and so does Nikki (who is now an author!), after a fashion.

Although a couple of people have turned BB into big time celebrity (and some become authors!) it seems the main route to reality cash is now as a Big Brother Babe and Wales has one. It seems not a day goes by when I am not invited to look at Imogen Thomas's breasts in some newsagent or another - an invitation, dear reader, I have thus far declined. Here she is in rather a nice interview just after leaving the house.

This is going back a bit, to more innocent times, here's Helen from Big Brother 2 - the one and only person I have ever voted for in a reality programme, and I was very, very drunk at the time.


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