Thursday, 27 August 2009

Pod bases planned for Swansea's clean-up teams

SWANSEA'S pioneering NEAT teams could be getting new bases in Bonymaen and Morriston to help them clean-up neighbourhoods.

The award-winning Neighbourhood Environment Action Teams have made a name for themselves across the city, going about tidying up patches of land, alleyways and streets that would otherwise be neglected.

And now the Council, in partnership with the work development service, is planning to build special pods in the north and east of the city so NEAT teams and community environmental groups can tackle their local grot spots.

John Hague, Cabinet Member for Environment, said the innovative NEAT teams were a real credit to the city.

He said: "They periodically cleanse and maintain neglected areas in every ward in Swansea.

"Over the past two years they've become a well-known and well-respected feature of the local scene, earning praise from councillors and householders alike.

"By establishing these pods it will be even easier for members of the NEAT team to get to and from work each day, which can only be good for them and for their communities.

"But on top of that the pods will also be a secure local resource for organisations who are taking a pride in their communities and want to do their bit to keep their neighbourhoods clean and tidy.

"The pods will provide useful storage space that will make it easier for local people to roll up their sleeves and get on with helping keep their streets tidy without having to travel too far to fetch the equipment they need."

Debora Webb, Manager of the Work Development Service in the Council's Social Services Department, added: "The NEAT team scheme is an excellent service to local communities that provides a realistic working environment for adults with learning disabilities."

Swansea's Cabinet will be asked this week to apply for planning permission to establish the pods off Myrddin Road in Bonymaen and Heol Gwernen in Morriston - a site that's currently owned by the Council's housing department.

The report says local ward members in Morriston and Bonymaen have been consulted and are in agreement in principle.


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