Monday, 24 August 2009

Get ready to take part in your first General Election!

Have you turned 18 since May 2005? Or are you celebrating your 18th birthday in the next few months? If so, the forthcoming General Election could be your first chance to have your say on who represents you at Westminster.

But to cast your vote, you’ll need to be on the electoral register. A General Election can be called at any time between now and June 2010, so now’s the time to act.

Look out for the registration form arriving at your address from Conwy County Borough Council soon. When the form arrives, make sure you read the instructions carefully, fill it in and send it back.

And that’s it! When the General Election is called, you will be able to vote. You can do this in person, at a polling station, or by applying for a postal vote or a proxy vote (where someone you trust casts your vote on your behalf).

Research from the independent Electoral Commission has shown that 22% of students in the UK are not registered to vote in elections. If you are student, and live away from home during term time, you can register at your term time address as well and vote there instead should the election be scheduled while you are away from home. Remember, you can only vote once.

The independent Electoral Commission has a website packed with information about registering to vote, who can register and the different ways of having your say – you can even visit a virtual polling station!

Registering to vote takes a few minutes. Don’t miss out on your chance to make your voice heard.


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