Sunday, 16 August 2009

Swine Flu advice for Church in Wales Communion

Parishes are being asked to consider their response to swine flu, particularly regarding the sharing of the common cup at communion services.

The Church in Wales said, “In view of the current concern about Swine Flu it is recommended that parishes implement infection control procedures for the distribution of Holy Communion in line with Government advice.”

“The distribution of the consecrated bread at Holy Communion will continue, but high standards of hand hygiene must be adopted; government advice remains that in the event of pandemic flu affecting centres of population, administration of the common cup should be suspended - the priest alone receiving in both kinds - until the danger has passed.”

“Whilst communion in both kinds is the norm in the Church in Wales, when it is received in one kind the fullness of the sacrament is received none the less.”

A spokesperson for the Diocese of St Asaph said, "The church has a responsibility at times of infection to act responsibly, without undue panic but taking necessary precautions. In the current circumstances it seems appropriate to let local churches make their own decisions about the sharing of the common cup."


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