Friday, 14 August 2009

Help translate Mabinogion game into Welsh

IF you're looking for a Welsh language project, maybe for a school or project, then why not help translate a game sourced from the Mabinogion?

Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches has been translated into German, French and Russian, but Ceredigion-based producers Arberth Studios, say it's not commercially viable to produce the Welsh language version the game demands.

It's no small project, with 30,000 English words to work on, but Arberth say a compensation deal might be sorted out - the £16,500 costs aren't commercially justified.

Arberth's Noel Bruton told BBC Wales: "We have to try and translate this game into Welsh, but there's just not enough Welsh speakers in the gaming market to justify the translation costs."

"Sources suggest there are around 600,000 Welsh speakers overall. A lesser number would be gamers, and only around one in 20 gamers might be interested in an adventure game."


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