Thursday, 20 August 2009

Helping to safeguard businesses in North Wales

An operation aimed at deterring thefts and robberies from businesses in North Wales is underway.

North Wales Police Conflict Management Unit have re-launched Operation Intervene with the primary aim of targeting and deterring cash in transit robberies along with thefts and robberies from larger local businesses.

The annual operation will, on occasions, see high police presence in various areas across North Wales.

“The aim of this operation is to prevent and deter crime, mainly from travelling criminal gangs and provide firm public reassurance at the time of year when most people tend to carry more goods and money,” said Inspector Karl Rathbone, of the Conflict Management Unit.

“It is an intelligence led operation which will see officers from the unit on high visibility patrols in marked Police vehicles on various routes and on foot patrol outside a variety of venues including shopping centres and other venues which attract a high number of people.”

Insp Rathbone added: “Part of this work will also see officers select and follow cash in transit vehicles. We will also be working in collaboration with neighbouring forces and using tools such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). Officers will also select and follow cash in transit vehicles.”


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