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Profile: Su Worlock

Inspired by numerous quizzes on the likes of social networking sites such as Facebook, this is the fouth in a series of profiles of people we at Welsh Icons feel to be contributors to the cultural life of Wales. If you would like to nominate someone for a profile please email

Welsh designer Su Worlock was born in Cwmaman in 1962 and spent her childhood performing on stage in the local 'variety' club (her designs have a theatrical element to them) and weekends with her Grandparents who encouraged her to be creative from a very young age and were her greatest influence. Her Aunt learned her to knit at a very early age, which resulted in Su designing and knitting clothes for her dolls and bears.

In 2008 Su won the Welsh Woman of the Year Award 2008, in the ‘Most Effective Returner to the Workplace' category. She ontinues to build her career in the world of textiles through her 'quirky' designs. She specialises in contemporary and traditional knitting/crochet techniques using media such as copper wire, twigs, ferns, grass, to plastic carrier bags and everything else that is knittable.

In the late 1970's Su discovered Punk music and entered into the DIY ethos that surrounded this sub-culture, making her own clothes and still has the first crochet top that she made - the 'spikey' extensions in some of her designs still reflect her love of Punk.

For the next 19 years Su raised her three sons, where she started to design and make clothes for them, thus creating an opportunity that resulted in setting-up a small business from her home due to demand for this line of clothing.

Her interests include music, art, film noir, B-movies and the Boris Karloff genre of horror, reading and football, not forgetting her obsession with West Ham United!

WI: What is you're favorite place in Wales?

SW: Porthcawl, went there on holidays as a child with my grandparents, took my children when they were very young. I have lots of great memories. I also pay Porthcawl a visit at least once a month, I love the coast.

WI: Favorite Welsh band or musician?

SW: Super Furry Animals, ‘Demons’ will always be their best song and it was at their gig in Newport that I saw GLC for the first time! Also local bands such as The Nukes, Clay Statues, Mook, Festerin Nun!

WI: Favorite Welsh food or drink?

SW: Penderyn Whiskey, couldn’t speak for a few days after I the first time I tried it but I didn’t have a cold for months afterwards.

WI: What does Wales mean to you?

SW: A plethora of talented writers, artists and musicians that sometimes are never recognised. Almost daily I hear a song and cannot understand why hasn’t this band been acknowledged by a record company such as Bronwen ‘Little Eris’ Davies, new CD or artwork produced by members of Artage.

WI: What do you most miss about Wales when you are away?

SW: The mountain’s, my grandfather was born in London and moved to Cwmaman just after the second world war, he taught me to appreciate my surroundings at a very young age and we would walk the mountains most weekends. Great memories!

Su is currently setting up a new venture aptly named ‘Bizarre Dragonz’ that will sell Anti-Fashion (alternative clothing and accessories) in addition it will provide a place for local bands/artists to sell and promote their work. A small collection hats, bags and T-shirts from Bizarre Dragonz will be available to the public on 30th August at the Big Bike Show on the Aberaman Industrial Estate.

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