Saturday, 15 August 2009

Profile: Bronwen Davies AKA Little Eris (Musician)

Inspired by numerous quizzes on the likes of social networking sites such as Facebook, this is the third in a series of profiles of people we at Welsh Icons feel to be contributors to the cultural life of Wales. If you would like to nominate someone for a profile please email

Bronwen, a former pupil of Ysgol Gyfun Rhydfelen left her home in Aberdare for Swansea aged 16 and then moved to Buckinghamshire to attend University and play music. After graduation and a stint in the media heartlands of London's West End, Bronwen returned to Wales in 2004 and spent time in the village of Cwmaman working in arts development and playing in a punk band.

Bronwen is currently living in Cardiff and producing her music as Little Eris, a project that has just spawned her self-produced debut album, Molecules R Us, released through Tantrum Records.

What is your favorite place in Wales?

BD: Cwmaman, I lived and worked there for four years. The village is surrounded by hills, streams, and forests and mountain walks are just a stone's throw away. I experienced so much freedom there, it really is a cool place. It has such a vibe, it is known to some as the Independent Free State of Cwmaman!

WI: Favorite Welsh band or musician?

BD: I am very fond of a few bands who are not really known outside their own circles. Smut Puppets formerly known as Mook, are a band from the valleys whose core members have been producing and playing excellent punk rock music together for over ten years. They have recently grown into a nine piece psychedelic band with percussion and electronica!

Maria Owen is an exceptional vocal talent who I have only ever seen play in Swansea. She has an incredible voice, like a female Jeff Buckley. And James Parr - an amazing musician who is completely off the radar. He performs once or twice a year and if you get to catch him it's a real privilege.

WI: Favorite Welsh food or drink?

BD: The special welsh mushrooms

WI: What does Wales mean to you?

BD: I feel very safe in Wales, it makes me feel whole. I feel like I belong here I feel rooted to the mountains and trees. Wales is part of me.

WI: What do you most miss about Wales when you are away?

BD: The Welsh accent


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