Monday, 17 August 2009

The Reasoning are rocketing up the download charts

The Reasoning are a Cardiff-based six-piece rock band formed in 2005 and they're enjoying great success in the Amazon download charts with their single, a cover of Duran Duran's The Chauffeur.

The band includes writers and players: Matthew Cohen (bass), Dylan Thompson (lead guitar/lead vocals) and Rachel Cohen (lead vocals). Rachel has been voted Best Female Vocalist by the UK’s Classic Rock Society for an unprecedented four consecutive years. Guitarist Owain Roberts completes this outstanding line-up.

The band’s accomplished debut album Awakening was released in 2006 and, its eight well-crafted tracks and a guest appearance from Marillion’s Steve Rothery helped it garner world-wide critical acclaim. Their second album Dark Angel (mixed by John Mitchell of It Bites and Kino notoriety) in 2008, meanwhile, has added to their international fan-base.

Maintaining a busy schedule in the studio and on the road, the band have toured extensively, including many headline performances throughout the UK and Europe: and have also performed alongside Marillion and FISH on several occasions. Their success to date has been enthusiastically followed in the music media, with features in magazines like Classic Rock, Record Collector, Powerplay and Classic Rock Presents Prog.

The Reasoning’s first single was released as a digital download on August 10, 2009. The Duran Duran classic is given a full make-over in the band's trademark sound with dual guitars and powerful three-part vocal harmonies. Rocketing through the download charts, the single reached the number two slot in the Amazon rankings within two days of release, championed solely by the band’s fans…and without mainstream music industry support.

With their recent recruitment of new musicians, The Reasoning are well worth keeping an eye on.


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