Thursday, 27 August 2009

Recycling Dog Becomes Local Superstar

Now here is proof that it really is 'silly season':

A luxury dog bed, £200 voucher for dog food and body warmer are just some of the gifts a recycling canine has received since winning praise from Torfaen Council.

Tubby the Labrador has been inundated with gifts, messages of praise and pats on the head since news of his remarkable recycling feat broke.

Twice daily the pooch goes out for a walk and usually picks up at least six plastic bottles from wherever he can find them.

He then happily crushes them in his mouth and takes them back to his owner Sandra Gilmore who recycles them in her black box.

She estimates that in Tubby's lifetime he has collected more than 26,000 bottles.

Earlier this year, Torfaen Council's heroic recycling mascot Dan Can the Super Recycler honoured Tubby at his home in Cadoc Road, West Pontnewydd, by presenting him with a bone.

Since then, praise has been heaped on the six-year-old with countless stories appearing on television and websites and in newspapers and magazines around the world.

He has also been showered with gifts and never goes unnoticed on his walks.

"Tubby has become a local superstar," said Mrs Gilmore, 52. "Every time we go out people recognise him and want to pat him - especially if he's got a bottle in his mouth.

"He's really enjoying the attention and gifts but he's not letting it go to his head - his first love is still and will always be plastic bottles."

The latest gifts, which arrived from America this week, included the luxury dog bed.

"We were so surprised when they arrived," said Mrs Gilmore. "It's amazing to think how many people around the world have been touched by Tubby's recycling efforts."

Torfaen councillor John Cunningham, Executive Member for Operational Services, said he was pleased to hear Tubby was still busy doing his bit for the environment.

"Pets and residents living in the County Borough are doing a fantastic job to ensure we're the best performing recycling authority in South Wales," he said.

The council currently recycles 42 per cent of its waste.


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