Friday, 21 August 2009

Serotonin: New Single “The Stockholm Syndrome” - Free Download

Serotonin, a band from the darker side of the Welsh Valleys, indie electro acoustic with some trumpet. Sounds of the Superfurys with passion of the Preachers.

Consisting of Craig Chapman (Vox/Keys), Chis Williams ( Vox/Guitar), Wayne Bassit (Guitar), Gareth Evans (Bass/keys) and Adam (Animal) Gregory (Drums),they reformed over a year and a half ago now of the back of being involved with a local documentary called “Tomorrows gonna be alright”.

This was about the many bands from Aberdare area that where around before and after the Stereophonics. After being interviewed for the film they decided to get back and do one more gig for old times sake. The gig and went down well, but as the band told us "we all loved that buzz and rush of playing in front of people and feeding off their reactions".

"I think we all forgot how good it felt to play live again. So, 9 months on after we play that one and only gig we did things that we never did in the day. We played in London for the first time, We managed to wangle ourselves a gig supporting the Alabama 3 in their home venue Brixton Jam. This gig really blew us away, as the reaction from the sold out venue was unreal.

"After this we know we are back in in a fulltime band again. The new songs started to build up but none where recorded, we managed to a live session for Radio Wales and just done a live recording in Unit 40 studios. The result is our new song “The Stockholm Syndrome”, as this is the first song we’ve recorded in 6 years we’ve put it up on the web for people to download for free".

Serotonin are very active on all the social networking sites and can be found at:


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