Sunday, 23 August 2009

Welsh Paté - the Best in Bermuda

Patchwork, the Welsh Pate producer recently heard from a former Bermuda resident John who had to know a small North Wales ended up with Black Seal Rum in their pâté.

Patchwork were delighted to confirm that they used to sell their pâté in Bermuda's Miles Makret and while visiting the island on business, they were asked to produce something with a Bermuda twist.

The drink Dark ‘n’ Stormy caught their eye and the thought of the mix of Black Seal Rum and Ginger Beer reminded them of their pâtés.

At the same time a Wild Boar Liver salesman (what a job title!) reminded them of the stories of the first settlers on the island, and their fear of the local wild pigs.

So, the mix of Wild Boar Liver with Black Seal Rum and Ginger was born and has been one of the most popular of our non-chicken liver range for many years.

Patchwork was established in 1982 by Margaret Carter, a talented, although untrained, home cook, who found herself divorced with three children to look after.

Despite the scale of production today, everything is still hand-made in small batches, without artificial colouring, additives or preservatives, to Margaret’s original recipes.

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