Friday, 4 September 2009

Newsletter shows Swansea at its best

Swansea Bay Futures has released its latest newsletter to give an up-to-date round-up of business, education and development news as well as information about upcoming events taking place in and around the Swansea Bay region.

Swansea Bay Futures Ltd has been set up with the aim of promoting the Swansea Bay region as a place to live, work, study invest in and visit. It works in partnership to challenge some of the negative perceptions of the region which exist where there is little or no actual knowledge of the superb quality of life that Swansea Bay has to offer.

Swansea Council is a premier partner alongside other public and private sector companies who are all committed to the region and work with Swansea Bay Futures to help increase the profile of Swansea Bay.

Visit for more details about Swansea Bay Futures.

Visit for more information on what the
Swansea Bay area has to offer.


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